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Check out what is going on at Pure Radio Holland

New agenda

We have now a new agenda on the website. You will have more info about a show / dj. And you can see the schedule now in your local time.

Looking for new dj's / showhosts

We are looking for new dj's / showhost who play Acid, Techno, Progressive, Oldschool, Houseclassics, Tech-House, Ambient, Trance, Psytrance, Progressive, Electro, Hardcore, Gabber, Early, Darkcore, Frenchcore, Uptempo, Industrial, Terror, Industrial, Speedcore or Terror.
For more info send a message to [email protected]

Listen on public WIFI

From now on you can listen to all channels on the website on public wifi, like in hospitals. Later this week I will make new playlists for the external players. 

Interview with Sean Dexter in 5 Magazine

Check out this interview with Sean Dexter in 5 Magazine. 

DCFM is now a part of Pure Radio Holland

DCFM is now a part of Pure Radio Holland
The management of DCFM handed DCFM over to Pure Radio Holland.
The DCFM website is now of air.
The name of DCFM is now Pure Radio Holland - Hardcore channel.
And you can listen to it in the player below. Just click in the player on the menu button, then you can choose the channel you want to listen to.
If you want to have your own show on the Pure Radio Hardcore channel then send an email to [email protected]

JDR Wapradio is now a part of Pure Radio Holland

JDR Wapradio went of air a few years back. Now we have a part of the management of JDR Wapradio in house.
JDR Wapradio is now the
Trance-Electro Channel on Pure Radio Holland.


In tribute of Mart Moon, the founder of Pure Radio Holland


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 (6) 29171462

Program manager USA: [email protected]

Program manager Russia etc.: [email protected]


This website and radio-streams are hosted by Pure ISP